We make communication an experience, and brands irresistible...

...welcome to rückenwind. the bold, authentic and incredibly sexy live marketing agency.

As a brand experience agency, passion is in our veins. But we are also open-minded, down-to-earth and 100% people orientated. We are more than just an events agency: We also truly get brands, strategically developing marketing activities in close cooperation with our clients and advising on what the best channel is to reach their communications goals. Our mission may be simple but it works. It is:

Powerful ideas, powerfully executed

We live to inspire people and build brands. We live it and we breathe it.
Our recipe for success is strategic market insight combined with powerful ideas plus executional brilliance. This is how we make our campaigns go viral and give them extra oomph.

We aim to capture people‘s hearts and minds

We believe that shared experiences are the most direct and powerful form of branded communication. Because it’s people who make brands.
We are certain that the best way to trigger emotions is by having real, exciting experiences. It follows that experiences are the best way to drive reach and achieve your goals
In today’s media landscape, the individual consumer has more power and influence than ever before.

You might have a brilliant idea but it’s nothing if you don’t execute it well. We call this CREATIVE FIDELITY.

A brand is effectively whatever people say about you behind your back. We make sure that the conversation is positive.

RÜCKENWIND is a brand experience agency. Unlike a pure events agency, Rückenwind applies brand insight to its events and promotions and explores ways to amplify the event during the planning stage to maximize impact. Meanwhile, everything – from the event idea, to the planning, to the execution – is aligned precisely to our communication goals. Our philosophy is to leverage creative thinking to make the event bigger than the event itself – or, to use the current buzzword, harness "live communication". With experiential marketing, it’s all about proximity to the consumer and we can help you identify which channels to use for your target audience, whether that’s brand architecture, trade fair installations and stands, meetings, conferences, promotions, pop-up stores or social media. Wherever people come into contact with brands, we can reach them. And because no two brands are alike, we always bring brand strategy to events planning. We believe that powerful personal experiences are the key to better brand communications. And so we are turning a new page as an events agency! From now on, we are casting ourselves as storytellers who can tell each brand’s unique story and make it stick in the minds of their target market. With years of events planning expertise, we take care of every stage of the process – from idea through execution to quality control – while delivering it all within budget and on brand. In the advertising industry, we are renowned both as events specialists and as a creative communications agency. And though live communication and events planning are our main focus, we can help you achieve your communications goals in any medium!