To stand out in the highly competitive fashion market, the American heritage label Lee engages people with pure attitude. Our goal was to bring the Lee attitude to life in a live communication campaign that would resonate with our target audience and achieve long-term impact.


For Lee, it’s all about sticking to your roots! The clothing label started life as a workwear brand from Kansas, USA, and it still has that rock 'n roll swagger. The Lee ‘Make History' tour infused that spirit into a pop-up experience that toured the whole of Germany. We began building hype around the ‘Make History’ bar with a teaser campaign using concert-style posters in both on and offline channels. We designed the bar’s interior to have a cool, laidback vibe packed with vintage charm. All branding – current campaign visuals, staff outfits, and slogans – was subtle and discreet. The Lee bar even had its own currency, the Lee Dollar, which was available at an unbeatable exchange rate! The pop-up bar toured Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg, channeling Lee attitude to the target audience with a range of activities such as club gigs, band contests and photo exhibitions. Finally, a prize competition encouraged people to shop in local stores and online.


With visitors numbers going up each day, reaching a high of 500 people, the idea achieved both word-of-mouth impact and a boost in sales for the brand.