The Allianz SiegerClub is a special award for above-average sales performance. The winners are honoured with an incentive trip. This year's winning highlight is the SIDO concert in the Franconian metropolis of Nuremberg. Our challenge: to organise an energetic incentive event that makes people want to be there in advance, motivates sales staff to achieve special performances and conveys appreciation. The sustainability aspect should also be an integral part of the concept.


Nuremberg in the Mix! Our creative re-mix combines medieval old town charm, Berlin hip-hop and the power of around 230 successful Allianz members. We break with expectations and show the city in a different light. Music, hip-hop and creativity form the framework that makes the SiegerClub Nuremberg experience unique: experience Franconian cuisine on a culinary city tour, discover the secrets of Nuremberg brewing in the rock cellars beneath the Old Town and discover the creative hoods away from the tourist hotspots on a Segway tour. There are a total of 9 creative Nuremberg experiences to choose from. The creative re-mix also applies to the evening event - at the latest at the photo box with colourful hip hop accessories, all guests become rapping superstars!


An exuberant atmosphere and memorable encounters: This Allianz SiegerClub event impressed not only with the rousing SIDO concert and the varied programme. The regionality and sustainability components created a special event character: the participants took on a conscious role and were thus able to actively shape the experience and outcome.