Digital technology is changing the world fast and the healthcare industry is having to adapt. The BGM 4.0 initiative was set up to offer digital solutions to employer health insurers to help them meet new workplace health management requirements. With the launch of a blended learning platform and health app, our task was to introduce these new products to 500 participants (including politicians, businesspeople and trade association representatives), give them more background and explain the benefits.


Because of COVID-19 restrictions, we decided to do a digital event where people could learn from developers and health specialists from the safety of home. Using an online streaming platform, we broadcast live interviews with a moderator and various health experts from a studio in Berlin Mitte. Meanwhile, the audience could ask questions through a live chat function. The digital format proved a great solution as attendees could get to grips with the software on their smartphones at the same time as learning how to use it.


For an event about BGM 4.0 and the future of healthcare, it seemed fitting that 72 employer health insurance providers and some of their corporate clients attended what might be the future of product launches. As far as we are concerned, we are proud to have helped the corporate healthcare industry take a big leap into the future.