Swedish crispy bread brand Wasa focuses on occasions for friends and family to enjoy some quality time together. Our task was to bring its mission to life in the real world and to spread the word through social media, expanding its online community.


Wasa’s values are closely aligned to Scandinavian culture: i.e. living close to friends and family, taking some quality time out, good conversations and being close to nature. We baked all this Swedish goodness into one event – a unique picnic in the Baltic Sea town of Travemünde, the gateway from Germany to Sweden. Featuring a smorgasbord of crispy Wasa specialties, Swedish chess, relaxing music and beautiful weather, there was a magical feeling in the air at the event. The magic was captured and became a key part of the social media campaign with the hashtag #wasanderes (Wasa is something else).


Our picnic became the ultimate online spokesperson for the Wasa brand. More than 2,000 picnickers flocked to the beach promenade in Travemünde and reveled in the authentic Wasa feeling. We amplified this on social media, achieving reach in the core target group both on owned channels and by people sharing content from the day.