When picturing the ideal breakfast, Bonne Maman always comes to mind. The traditionally French brand creates an extraordinary flavor, just like the one you know from our Grandmother’s kitchen. The brand should gain awareness all throughout Germany and give people a true taste experience. How do we best showcase the savoir-vivre within a promotion?


Jam – whether Strawberry, Raspberry or Apricot, is a must-have on every breakfast table. Combine it with a warm croissant from your local bakery and a fresh orange juice, and you have the perfect breakfast blend. We walked through the streets of the five biggest cities in Germany, namely Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, with exactly this breakfast-combo.
Attracting all eyes, branded Bonne Maman cargo bikes were up and standing at every busy square at 7a.m.. Our promoters gifted a total of 5000 breakfast bundles with sample sizes of the jam to passengers on their way to work. Reactions such as, „You saved my morning“ and „This is really the perfect start to the day“, were frequently shared.


Through this action, we were able to have people associate the brand Bonne Maman with a happy memory and spread a positive mood. The content from the photo and video production was shared on Bonne Maman Social Media pages and generated even more awareness following the event.