Sensodyne is the go-to brand for people with sensitive teeth. Our goal was to use a national roadshow to increase brand awareness and dramatize the product benefits in a warm and emotional way.


We created the world's first dental spa where visitors across Germany could experience dental care as a wellness concept. In stark contrast to the normal sterile, scientific environment, this was pure dental relaxation. We created a sensorium for the teeth with a mouth spa treatment and a live checkup with advice on pain prevention. Cocooned in the bright and welcoming atmosphere of the dental spa, people could delve into the world of their teeth using interactive modules. For example, the Ice Bar measured tooth sensitivity before rewarding people with a refreshing treatment. In the multimedia area, visitors could put on 3D glasses and travel virtually into the anatomy of a tooth. We also had dental wellness consultants there to ensure a positive all-round experience. The dental spa also doubled up as a training and educational resource for dentists and dental hygienists. Finally, various special events were put on with specialist bloggers, influencers and members of the press to amplify the event through multichannel content.


More than 3,000 visitors had a spa treatment for the teeth and experienced the product's effectiveness first-hand. Meanwhile, the event achieved consistently positive coverage in online and print media outlets.